Microsoft SharePoint empowers individuals, teams, organisations, and companies to mutually add to each other’s knowledge base. It does this by enabling them to share, discover and collaborate on a wide variety of shared content from anywhere on the globe. Microsoft SharePoint is compatible with a large number of devices. If you want, you can work from your phone or your iPad as well.
Business Experts Gulf is a licensed SharePoint solution provider and partner that specialises in providing Microsoft SharePoint Solutions for individuals and businesses based in the UAE. We cater to the needs of countless clients in the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well.
SharePoint Server
Now you may modernize your on-premises infrastructure. It helps you improve reliability performance and scale structure with SharePoint server in the meanwhile it also provides the base for the future innovation.
SharePoint Online
Eases the creation of portals and sites to share discover and collaborate on the respective content with colleagues inside and outside your organization via any device.
Why Use SharePoint?
Microsoft SharePoint enables you and your business to respond quickly and effectively to changing business needs. This can be a change of heart on the part of the client or some change in decision. These kind of last-minute changes are pretty much the norm in the highly competitive business environment of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the UAE. SharePoint solutions enable you and your employees to share ideas, expertise, and designs to create customised business solutions for your customers and clients. These solutions can be customised perfectly to meet the needs of the clients and it will also enable you to make better decisions as a manager. It also enables you to share information with your colleagues and co-workers in a much more efficient and faster way. It also has a lot of economic advantages. Microsoft SharePoint solutions also enable you to drastically reduce training and maintenance costs for your entire setup. SharePoint also enables you to focus on your ultimate business goals and priorities. In a vast city like Dubai, it is important for business owners to not lose focus.


SharePoint Partner Dubai, UAE

Business Experts Gulf is Microsoft Certified SharePoint Partner in UAE. Microsoft SharePoint enables you and your employees to work and create together and respond quickly to growing and changing business needs. Business Experts Gulf is a licensed provider of Microsoft SharePoint solutions in the UAE.

SharePoint Solutions Providers

SharePoint is the new-age solution and enables team building and also promotes the notion of working together in a more productive manner. Microsoft SharePoint solutions are customised for you and your business so you can share your work with others, organise your work/personal projects and teams. You can also discover like-minded people all over the world and mutually benefit from your information.


Put social to work – You can share ideas, discover answers to doubts and follow the work of your other colleagues using the new social features that are available on Microsoft SharePoint. You can connect to similar businesses in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and UAE and benefit from the common information pool.
Share your stuff – You can use any of the available Microsoft Office applications and share original content with SharePoint. You can share it privately with only people from your organisation or you can share it with the world at large. The entire process is incredibly easy to use.
Take SharePoint on the go – You can now use Microsoft SharePoint to share documents, update your activity feed and maintain contact with co-workers and employees using any device. This enables your colleagues and employees to work from home as well. SharePoint is compatible with most devices. You can even work from your phone or iPad. This increases flexibility and efficiency.
Keep projects on track – You can arrange all your projects and tasks in an orderly manner to get maximum visibility. You can also enable this across SharePoint, Outlook and Microsoft Project Management.
Keep your team connected – You can set up a new team site extremely quickly, track meeting minutes and notes. Using Microsoft SharePoint solutions, you can bring together and centralise all your work email and documents under one cloud server. This makes it easily accessible for all your team members.
Store and sync your docs – You can sync your documents and files in SharePoint to your desktop or any connected device using SkyDrive Pro. Even if you are offline, your documents will be accessible to you. Ask your SharePoint provider to set you up with this kind of system.


Find experts you never knew existed – Using SharePoint solutions, you and your team members can connect with a large number of experts and individuals all over the world. By sharing data and ideas, you will have a more insightful and productive experience while working together. This will enable you and your team members to bond and enjoy work.
Discover insights and answer –Using Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Office tools, you can convert raw data and figures into beautiful and attractive infographics and data analysis reports which will simplify everything for your superiors and also your juniors. Microsoft SharePoint will then enable you to share your data and reports with your employees and team members all over Dubai and the UAE.
Find what you’re looking for –You can also customise and narrow your search parameters using Sharepoint solutions so that you can find what you are looking for. Discovering accurate references and reports help you to deliver a better result.




Build apps in the cloud – Using Microsoft SharePoint solutions, you can build apps on common web languages like HTML, JavaScript, and oAuth. You can use the Microsoft Dynamics Cloud App Model to build, beta-test and share your technology with your colleagues using SharePoint Solutions.

Publish apps to the Microsoft SharePoint store – You can also make your applications available to the public to try and buy through the Microsoft SharePoint store. You can also restrict it within your employees and team members using the corporate catalogue.

Build eye-catching sites – You can use familiar designing tools to create dynamic and attractive intranet and internet sites and web pages. Using this technology, you can share your personal vision and your organisation’s vision with your team members or with the general public.

Use familiar design tools and flexible controls to create dynamic intranet and internet sites to share your organization’s vision with everyone.



Manage costs –You can reduce the infrastructure and hardware costs. You can also drastically cut down on other costs by utilising the vast sharing capabilities and functions offered by Microsoft SharePoint solutions.

Manage risk – You can use SharePoint, Lync and eArchive to minimise the risk of data loss and absolutely eliminate any possible data redundancy or repetition. Using SharePoint will also enable you to securely store data so that it cannot be corrupted or stolen by malicious parties and individuals.

Manage your time – You can spend more time working on your amazing ideas and spend it innovating instead of having to manage everybody else. You can now be productive and do wonders.


The Microsoft SharePoint site is like a one-stop site for all your business needs and wants.
SharePoint communities enable you to share data and experiences with professionals in similar fields all over the world. This collective pool of knowledge is extremely beneficial and enables all of you to work well together as a team and learn from each other.

You can couple Microsoft Office with Microsoft SharePoint and then proceed to creating and sharing original content with your colleagues and co-workers. You can also share it with the outside world or you can keep the sharing only within you and your team members.
Using Microsoft SharePoint solutions, you and your employees can search for whatever information, data or guidance they require to be productive and give good results.
Using SharePoint Insights, you and your employees can access all kinds of business relevant information in a clean, orderly and attractive manner that makes understanding and representation easy for everyone.
By coupling SharePoint services with Office applications, you and your employees will be enabled to work hard and give their very best at whatever they do.
Using SharePoint Composites, you can access building blocks which you can further use to assemble, connect, and configure collaborative business solutions.

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