>> What is Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management?

What is Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management?

by admin / June 06, 2023

It is a conventional business solution by Microsoft for all types of businesses. This app enables all sizes of enterprises to overcome their issues in supply chain management. Supply Chain Management meets the logistical needs of multi-national operations with a distributed order management solution. Maintaining clear communication with vendors up and down the supply chain is vital to ensuring order accuracy and minimizing delays.

Moreover, it optimizes order transportation with a dedicated module. Manufacturers can effectively manage containers, loads, vehicles, and routes to meet deadlines, especially specific delivery slots.

Dynamics 365 supply chain management seamlessly connects batch orders with the production floor and warehouse operations. Warehouse workers can process updates on material and components, to deliver to factory lines, and prepare finished goods for storage and transit.

It allows business to easily handle the following operations:

  • Information management and production
  • Inventory and sales
  • Warehousing and planning
  • Distribution, stocking and transportation
  • HR processes and customer responding