Enhance the leave and absence experience for HR professionals

Organizations often find it difficult to manage and administer employee leave and absence programs in a competitive and compliant manner in the complicated world of human resources.

Suspending Leaves:

Employees on specific types of leave, such as long-term leave, must have their other leave suspended for the duration of that leave in some organizations. This scenario will be supported by Dynamics 365 Human Resources, which will allow HR professionals to define the start and end dates for the leave suspension and prorate the leave accrual based on those dates. This automates critical components of the leave suspension process and eliminates manual interference, resulting in more accurate results.

Meeting Company Policies: 

Each company has its own set of requirements for employee vacation time. They must be able to configure a leave and absence system to meet their business processes, whether it is driven by company policy or government rules.

Review who is and isn’t at work via calendars

Knowing who is and isn’t at work assists managers in deciding whether requests should be allowed or denied. It also gives HR insight on who is taking time off and when they are taking it. With a calendar view of time off, Dynamics 365 Human Resources will help not just managers and HR, but also employees. These calendars can be set up to display both pending and approved time off, as well as when a calendar is open for viewing.

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