eXperts People-ISV for Business Central

Payroll and HR for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

With the changing time and pandemic scenario’s, Work from Home as become the new norm and running a payroll is the critical element of HR Practices which includes Employee Management, Employee benefits, compensation, Incentives and so on. eXperts People is a payroll solution for Dynamics 365 Business Central that helps streamline the payroll process and improve the organizational growth.

eXperts People is a Payroll and HR Management System that offers employee records management, payroll calculation and document management including expiry reminders.

eXperts People is built inside Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central using its native development tool “AL” leveraging the full functionality of Dynamics 365 BC including workflows, notifications, document attachments and many more.

eXperts People is hosted on Microsoft cloud; therefore, HR Managers can access the application from anywhere, at any time and on any device like computer, tab or mobile as well. Employees can also login to the Employee Self Service system with a Single Sign In-option.

Why eXperts People Business Central Payroll?

  • Maintain employee master information,
  • Get Alerts for Expired identification Numbers.
  • Leave Management with slab-based calculation of Leave Salary, Leave Encashment, Sick leave Rules
  • Leave Benefits can be configurable according the UAE Labor Law and based on Company rules.
  • Benefits: such as Air tickets, Pension, Social Security, Insurance.
  • Loan Management with automatic deduction every month or with Multiple payable types supported.
  • A Flexible, slab-based Gratuity Setup, to calculate the Gratuity accruals and the EOS settlements.
  • Salary Analyses based on Department can be configured, which would ease Finance team to analyze how Salary is posted for each department.
  • User friendly periodic processes for Processing Salaries, posting them, Generate the Payroll voucher, SIF file Export, etc.
  • Easy Mapping the Pay codes with the COA, to fulfil the smooth integration with the GL module.
  • Number of essential reports like Salary Sheet, Salary Comparison, Pay slip, Bank reports, Accrual report, etc.
  • User friendly solution to validate and analyze data, data can be exported to desired format of Excel, PDF, and MS Word etc.
  • Easy for the HR team to maintain the Increment history of Employees.
  • Availability of multiple requests in the ESS, like Leave Request, Leave Resumption, Leave Encashment, and Flight ticket Request, HR Letter’s request, Flight Ticket Encashment.
  • Ability to get the Pay slip from Employee Self Service Page.

Main Benefits of implementing Experts People 365:

  • uitable for small to medium Businesses.
  • Centralized Payroll.
  • Embedded Employee Self Service with Single Sign in Option.

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