Case Studies

Case Studies
Tiger Steel – Business Experts Gulf
Tiger steel achieves Business Efficiency benefits with Microsoft Dynamics.

Established in 1968, Tiger Steel Engineering arose as a leading structural steel manufacturer and supplier, our geographical impression circumscribe projects in the North African, Middle East GCC and South East Asian markets.

While acknowledging  technical  excellence  as  key  driver,  they  stand  out  in  the  highly  competitive  environment of engineering services with a large area of expertise that we commit to exploiting at best service.

The steel manufacturing industry is content to high levels of conflict in all global markets compliance, Product and quality with various guidelines are essential factors in the steel industry, and it is therefore necessary to have approach to tools that are competent of tracking each and every part performance and tracing its origin back to the raw material cast, together with analytical data, for quality assurance and, in case of  dissidence, recognition of the critical factors and process phases involved.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Steel is created to give steel manufacturers unprecedented visibility into all aspects of their business in a single Enterprise Resource Planning solution and  well organized the industry-specific processes involved – both for customer orders and in response to forecasts. It is a unified solution that implicit detailed, current analytical data and real-time information in order to eliminate the causes of possible inefficiency.

Tiger Steel world-class team of Microsoft Dynamics AX consultants permits Steel manufacturing businesses to take complete benefits of solution’s core capabilities around organizational functions such as Planning, Finance Production, Asset Maintenance Logistics etc.

Our Microsoft Dynamics AX services can help you with:

  • Tracking raw materials’ batches all the way through finished goods
  • Maximizing throughput with efficient production scheduling.
  • Cutting scrap and reducing waste throughout WIP inventory levels.
  • Responding quickly to customers’ schedules and just-in-time orders.
  • Covering all aspects related to steel products’ distribution

“The ERP solution is the backbone of all our sales, inventory, HR, marketing and financial initiatives, and Microsoft Dynamics provides the right infrastructure to achieve this. This leading technology, coupled with Business Experts implementation excellence, provides a solid business platform that is instrumental in achieving our strategic goals”,

“Imran, IT Manager, Tiger Steel”

How Business Experts Gulf facilitated Tiger Steel?

BEG has first analyzed the complete structure, processes re-engineering and re-structured the company in a sense to be adapted to the Dynamics platform and market demand for such business. BEG was able easily to identify and pain points of organization, recommend the needed, align with the management expectations and execute on time and with quality. On the basis of which Microsoft Dynamics was proposed to fulfill the objectives as mentioned below:

Analysis and Work Streamline of Tiger Steel:

The fabricated metal industry covers several distinct segments, including structural springs, metal valves, and fasteners metals, forging and stamping, metal containers and hardware these metal fabrication manufacturers face complex requirements that are intricately connected to the needs and demands of their customers. Metal fabricators not only have to make quality products to exact specifications, but more and more they have to synchronize their production schedules with customers and deliver products according to their specific consumption schedules.

Microsoft Dynamics platform for fabricated metal companies helps provide complete transparency into manufacturing operations—inventory, availability, and/or shop floor status—to help improve overall efficiency and performance. It has thousands of users worldwide, including fabricated metal manufacturing companies, and frequently replaces Oracle and SAP includes core applications for financials, CRM, SCM, human resources, project management and analytics.

Greater Visibility into Suppliers

Fabricated metal manufacturers are outsourcing more activities such as sub-assemblies, driving a need for greater visibility into outsourced suppliers’ activities. Microsoft Dynamics facilitates Tiger Steel in the visibility of need to manage outsourced manufacturing and facilitate global Collaboration to quickly engineer, source, and make new products.

Bring New Products to Market Faster

Introducing New products to market quickly is risky and lack of detailed product costs can hinder your ability to stay competitive in the market. Microsoft Dynamics gives Tiger Steel detailed insight into product costs to make the right decisions for business, and help shorten time to market for new product innovations by integrating design and manufacturing processes and managing projects effectively.

Improve Operational Productivity

Even the smallest plant floor inefficiencies can translate into significant losses through Dynamics for Tiger Steel.

Integrate Business Intelligence

Bringing new products to market quickly is critical to the future of manufacturers’ businesses across all industry segments. Microsoft Dynamics helps Tiger Steel in identify and prioritize areas for improvement within the organization and across the supply chain through integrated business intelligence that provides insight and advice.

Integrate Design Innovation into Manufacturing

BEG did necessary customizations in as per the objectives of Tiger steel which helps them shorten time to market for new product innovations. This is achieved by integrating design and manufacturing processes, managing projects effectively and collaborating effectively with suppliers, partners, and customers.

Support Flexible Manufacturing Processes and Multiple Business Models

BEG configure multiple business models for Tiger Steel , including make to stock (MTS), make to order (MTO), assemble to order (ATO), configure to order (CTO) and engineer to order (ETO). This gives a huge solid confidence in our internal process that was capable of assuring Tiger steel quality and service for managing manufacturing processes and business Models.

Enhance Material and Product Traceability

BEG deployed Inventory management which gives Tiger Steel the ability to track materials from purchase through production and sale with lot and location control, which in turn helps you respond more effectively to recall notices or queries about item engineering, sourcing, and current use.

Fine Tune the Entire Supply Chain and Solidify Supplier Relationships:

BEG configured Supply Chain with little customization which enables Tiger Steel to track production demands and obtain visibility into outsourced manufacturing operations so they can react quickly and make real-time decisions in supply chains. Identify and address business needs and potential bottlenecks or shortages.

Tiger Steel’s Results with Microsoft Dynamics AX
Customer Satisfaction 95% of customers are satisfied or very satisfied·Average time for issue resolution reduced by 75%·74% renewal rate on life insurance policies
Market Share Significant increase in market share·80% increase in net asset value since 2009·Added 500,000 contracts

The Armored AutoGroup Inc

The Armored Group implements Microsoft Dynamics 

Automobile Company Prepares for Growth with ERP & HR Solution
Case Studies
The Armored Group implements Microsoft Dynamics AX (Including Pension, Payroll & Employee Self Service Solution from Business Experts Gulf).

Established in 1992,The Armored Group focus was exclusively on the Cash-In-Transit (CIT) business, with the simple goal of regarding each client with the highest level of respect by delivering to them the ultimate in safety within every vehicle they built. They also maintained the flexibility that would ensure that each of their needs would be met individually.The Armored Group is UAE’s leading Automobile Manufacturing Company responsible for many vehicle manufacturing in the UAE. The focus of the company is to provide best Vehicles and quality service to its customers business.

The Armored Group, LLC manufactures vehicles that meet or exceed all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). All parts used and services provided on our secure vehicles are incomparable, and our armored car company is dedicated to using the latest cutting edge technology in every instance. While acknowledging technical excellence  as  key  driver, they prominent Competitive environment of engineering services with a large area of expertise that we commit to exploiting at best service.

Business Situation

Before implementing a full-fledged ERP Solution, they have been using a localized Solution for handling their financials, also they had been using email and their own departmental databases but the lack of a consolidated sales solution was causing issues.The company faced the trial of inconsistent and inaccurate information leading to higher administrative costs and customer dissatisfaction. To manage its growth,The Armored Group knew that it needed an enterprise solution for handling the Financial & HR Solution of the company. That solution would have to capture all needed documentation, on potential and existing clients, eliminating the need for multiple databases and isolated data repositories, a one stop solution for handling complete HR need of the company.

The Armored Group required a centralized ERP Solution to have full control and visibility over purchasing, manufacturing, stock holding and material consumption, Payroll, Employee Self-service and Pension Management all of which is underpinned by Microsoft Dynamics AX.They were looking for a solution to accommodate rapid change and easy to use and provide robust control over the entire enterprise.

Microsoft Dynamics provides a flexible solution that can be adapted to meet the individual needs of your business. I would recommend it to anyone and thankful to BEG for successful implementation as being a partner, technology adviser and system integrator since 2007 for all Dynamic Business. “Mahmood Al Fathy, CEO, The Armored Group”

The Challenge

The solution which was been used by The Armored group was not able to provide correct material, warehouse and production information, With the increasin numbe of users , they required to have a centralized solution which  could  be  accessed throughout the region. Second, financial affairs and business were independent systems and could not be integrated each other. Doesn’t have a system to track, analyze, control materials, machine, labor and cost. Current system also enables seamless integration of inventory, purchase, sub-contracts and accounts. Not able to handle Managing bill of materials, process streamlining, Shop floor management, Production forecasting, Order management, Production analysis, Accurate analysis of rejection, rework etc. No proper solution for handling and managing multiple pension plans, Time & attendance integration with bio metric, no solution to track the contributions made, payments, documentation and any number of adjustments to the plans as they arise.

The Solution

The Armored Group chose to implement is an extensively customized ERP Solution from Business Experts Gulf which helps them to have a full tractability of the system which enables to accurately track individual bins, containers, during manufacturing and a complete HR Solution which includes Pension Management. Microsoft dynamics AX 2012 R3 provides a flexible architecture that supports business processes across the enterprise of production to transportation management, from maximizing asset utilization and customer service – permitting you to enhance performance throughout the entire supply chain.

Through the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics AX system, to develop and enhance monitoring of logistics production management and control information from external third parties and reach integration of financial affairs and business, to perform Extensive and systematic management and control over deposit and consignment operations, and to meet special requirements of inner management statements and reports. BEG has customized pension administration software which helped public and private pension funds like enhance service capabilities, lower operating costs, stave off technical obsolescence, and respond to complex, frequently changing business requirements. Share inventories and customer demands, and gain enhanced purchasing visibility, with support for all manufacturing modes within a single product take advantage of multi-currency and multi-language capabilities.


  • Simpler, more effective business processes.
  • Automated manufacturing and supply chain.
  • Cost reductions and significantly improved lead times.
  • Stronger partner and customer relationships.
  • Platform for increased profit and geographical expansion.

An improved and efficient communication and support system throughout the region.

For more information, contact us at or call us at 00971 4 421 4909. You can also connect with us on our LinkedIn page Business Experts Gulf.

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