Enhance the leave and absence experience for HR professionals

Organizations often find it difficult to manage and administer employee leave and absence programs in a competitive and compliant manner in the complicated world of human resources.

Suspending Leaves:

Employees on specific types of leave, such as long-term leave, must have their other leave suspended for the duration of that leave in some organizations. This scenario will be supported by Dynamics 365 Human Resources, which will allow HR professionals to define the start and end dates for the leave suspension and prorate the leave accrual based on those dates. This automates critical components of the leave suspension process and eliminates manual interference, resulting in more accurate results.

Meeting Company Policies: 

Each company has its own set of requirements for employee vacation time. They must be able to configure a leave and absence system to meet their business processes, whether it is driven by company policy or government rules.

Review who is and isn’t at work via calendars

Knowing who is and isn’t at work assists managers in deciding whether requests should be allowed or denied. It also gives HR insight on who is taking time off and when they are taking it. With a calendar view of time off, Dynamics 365 Human Resources will help not just managers and HR, but also employees. These calendars can be set up to display both pending and approved time off, as well as when a calendar is open for viewing.

eXperts People 365 a fully integrated Payroll solution on Microsoft Dynamics 365 which provides you a complete setup for People Management. The solution is available as per GCC Labor laws. To know more about our ISV of eXperts People 365 contact us at info@bemea.com

Customer service is at the heart of Dynamics 365. In the context of real estate, this translates to smarter, faster results for homeowners and tenants via a single centralized system. Multiple software programs aren’t required. You may increase revenue while building relationships more effectively. Business Experts Gulf adds to the platform’s capabilities by providing a variety of bespoke consulting services. See below on how Property Management Module can help you and your business:

For Accurate Real-Time Information: 

  • Maintain a database of names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other contact information in a database.
  • Compile information on the status of rent and bill payments.
  • Collect additional data to help with day-to-day property management workflows

Customer Communications:

  • Handle incoming and outgoing customer interactions, including emails, phone calls, appointments, and interaction histories.
  • Track the emotion of communications, including social media posts, using a simple Microsoft add-on. This swiftly discovers difficulties and resolves customer service issues.


  • Assign service tickets to the most experienced customer support employees.
  • Notify representatives of various service level agreements (SLAs) that tenants and landlords/property managers have in place.
  • Schedule resources to go on-site to tenants and fix problems.

Client Portals:

  • Contact details
  • Payment details
  • Billing histories
  • Support tickets

To know more about our Property Management solution on Dynamics 365- eXperts PM365, contact us at info@bemea.com or you can visit Microsoft AppSource at https://appsource.microsoft.com/en-us/product/web-apps/business_experts_gulf_2427878.beg_pm1?tab=Overview to know more.

Segments allow you to group related contacts into groups that may be targeted with customer journeys.

A market segment is a group of people you want to target with your customer journey. In some circumstances, you’ll go after all your contacts. In most circumstances, though, you’ll select your target audience based on demographic, firmographic, behavioral, and other factors.

Types of segments 

  • Dynamic segments

Their membership changes regularly to reflect new or removed contacts as well as updated contact information. Dynamic segments include both demographic and firmographic elements.

  • Static segments

They provide a static list of contacts that are selected individually rather than logically based on field values. Based on private knowledge or offline interactions, marketers and salespeople may develop and populate a static list.

Profiles, interactions, and other segments can be used to create blocks of queries.

The profile records in the marketing-insights service are queried by profile blocks. The marketing-insights service and your Dynamics 365 organizational database sync profile records. The entities you regularly work with within the Dynamics 365 UI, such as contacts, accounts, leads, and any other entities you choose to sync, are all included in profile records.

The marketing-insights service is synchronized with segments and can use its marketing-insights database to deliver advanced segment definitions and customer analytics works in tandem with Dynamics 365 Marketing. When the two systems work together, the integration results in powerful combined capability. Your contact records and marketing lists are kept in sync between the two systems, allowing the marketing-insights service to use its strong data processing and analytical tools to your contacts and combine them with data from other Dynamics 365 records.

The segment designer is used to construct segments. Querying across related entities like contacts, leads, accounts, events, marketing lists, and more is one technique to create segments. You can also use the marketing-insights tool to locate contacts who have expressed interest in your marketing efforts. You may also utilize the marketing-insights service to query contacts who aren’t responding to your emails due to difficulties like bounces.

Dynamics 365 will serve as a gateway to digital transformation for businesses across the world, promising to turn business procedures into competitive advantages.

Modern businesses are putting a lot of effort into improving their decision-making abilities. Their existing business solutions are dispersed across departments, making real-time business insights difficult to obtain for making sound business decisions.

Businesses who are eager to accept digital can benefit greatly from deploying Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Top dynamic advantages of 365 Business Central

  • Informed decisions: big enterprises existing business solutions are dispersed across departments, making real-time business insights difficult to obtain for making sound business decisions.
  • Advanced capabilities: Business Central is a powerful business solution with smart functions that deliver important business information that organizations need to spot new trends, avoid repeating problems, and maintain excellent customer relationships.
  • Advanced integration:
  • It ensures accurate sales, cash flow, and budget predictions.
  • It creates inventory levels in real-time.
  • Payment recommendations and vendor discounts should be made easier.
  • It prevents overdue fines, sends payment due to reminders.

 Top merged business functions

  • Increase efficiency: Allows businesses to increase their business performance by automating operations through seamless interaction with Microsoft Office tools.
  • Beneficial active insights: Integrates corporate data and analytics using Microsoft’s premier intelligent technologies, allowing companies to achieve better results and acquire smarter business perspectives.
  • Intelligent solutions: Embedded smart systems enable organizations to automatically track cash flows and audit trails, which increases productivity and unifies corporate activities.

 Other advanced capabilities for business management

  • Seamless interface
  • Customization
  • Easy search

 The success of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central solution is that it’s the all-in-one solution to suit the business-management demands of every SMB.