Network and Email Security

Next-gen firewalls leverage signatures and heuristics with great success. But when defending against today’s malicious attacks, they are no longer sufficient. Sandboxing is becoming more critical over the time due to the challenges of targeted attacks and zero-day threats. Attackers combine the opportunistic nature of automation with a software vendor’s mindset to continually evolve their threats, all in an effort to have as broad a reach as possible, without detection.

Best Way to Prevent a Threat from Emanating Within your Network




The real challenge isn’t the ransomware that has already spread around the internet; it’s targeted attacks and zero-day threats. Targeted attacks involve never-before-seen code purpose-built for the organization being attacked, while zero day threats exploit newly discovered vulnerabilities for which vendors have yet to issue patches. Organizations need to be most concerned with these types of attacks, which are usually far more successful than their older counterparts. So, what’s the best way to prevent a threat from emanating from within your network?


Award-winning Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Service.




Ransomware attacks in 2016 grew by 167x year-over-year to 638 million. As today’s malware and ransomware continue to evolve and pose critical threats such as zero-day, organizations need to defend their network’s beyond their perimeters. SonicWall introduces a powerful defense: the new SonicWall Email Security 9.0 integrates with their award-winning Capture Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Service. This unique combination delivers a cloud-based, multi-engine sandbox that is not only limited to capturing suspicious codes while inspecting email traffic, but also block ransomware, zero-day and other malicious files from entering the network until a verdict is reached. This release is available in cool new SonicWALL hardware appliances, virtual appliances and Hosted Email Security service.


SonicWall has been the industry’s trusted security partner, protecting millions of networks worldwide, since more than 25 years on security solutions including network security, access security and email security. An excellent choice for distribution enterprises, government, education, retail, healthcare and financial sector deployments for easy-to-use, high-efficacy and high-performance appliances and services. In 2016 for the fourth year on the row, SonicWall continued to earn the highest rating of “Recommended” in the NSS Labs Next-Generation Firewall Security Value Map. Sonicwall was also rated as one of the top products for security effectiveness especially in the specialty of fighting Ransomware, encrypted threats and not to mention their unique innovation of multi engine sandboxing.