HRMS – Human Resource Management System

What is HRMS ( Payroll / HRM & HCM)…?


HRMS  is a comprehensive and flexible platform that combines Payroll, HR & HCM. It  is a HR and Payroll software that is capable and specially designed for the Middle East requirements. HR and Payroll software in Dubai, UAE was built from scratch to handle a complex requirements, it support Multi Company, multi-payroll elements schedule for having more control ob the top of all Dynamics Products ( GP/ NAV, AX & Dynamics 365 )


HRMS was built using Microsoft Dynamics, it run and shares the same features of Microsoft Dynamics including the ability for customization, look and feel , native security features and applying Microsoft coding standards and compliance rules.


HRMS Solution comes with of pre-configured reports that analyze every aspect of your employee information, performance , capital related features as well as related functions .


HRMS helps out to point potential shortfalls in your Human Capital that needs to be managed before they occur. HRMS reports also permits you to organize data into intelligent reports that fit the exact needs of your business. Employees and managers can access files to update and view personal information.


HRMS system is suitable to perform all of the routine tasks and stores your information in a single database that can be interfaced with Time, attendance, employee web portals (ESS – employee electronic forms) , mobile enabled, Time and attendance, employee collaboration portals and shared with other departments and back-office applications.


Business Experts Gulf have also introduced our own HR & Payroll For Dynamics 365 that is designed as per the GCC/ UAE law to fulfill the requirement of the industries.



HRMS was built using Microsoft Dynamics native development tools (Product Related ), it run and shares the same features of Microsoft including the ability for customization, enhancements and Extensions.


HCM is a set of implementations related to mass resource management. These practices are focused on the organizational need to provide specific competencies and are implemented in three categories: workforce acquisition, workforce management and workforce optimization.



HRMS / Middle East Payroll Capabilities


HRMS / Middle East Payroll Features

  • Different Leave Type including Annual, Sick, Unpaid, Haj, Maternity …etc. with user defined calculation methods and automatic accruals.
  • Control necessary audit details related to handwritten checks for exceptions and voided checks.
  • Define what to include in pay runs and verify the accuracy of your pay run before printing checks and printing pay-slips.
  • Generate a suite of reports customized to meet specific needs of multiple companies, including year-end, period-end, and multiple year history.
  • Built using Microsoft Dynamics native development tools , it run and shares the same features of Microsoft Dynamics
  • Help reduce errors by automatically calculating pay, deductions, and benefits. Manage multiple company calendars for different working hours and holidays.
  • Create detailed records of pay, benefits, and deductions with customized information specific to your business.
  • Save time by using an easy overtime entry, attendance, leave and day to day tasks.
  • Manage employee loans, tickets, dependents and expiry documents like passport, residence Visa, and also company important document like registration
  • Streamline employee record management with employee classes and pay codes; and process salary, pension, and EIC pay automatically for employee groups.






Through HRMS Streamline your payroll and enable your staff to handle complex and changing payroll situations quickly and accurately, offering better service to your employees while reducing necessary overhead costs.