Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence helps organizations gain much deeper insights. It is composed of powerful Business Intelligence competences in Microsoft Azure Analysis services, SQL Server 2016 and Power BI. It transforms complex data into business insights and is shared organization wide.Business Experts Gullf have a suite of technology driven business solutions to help businesses transact with customers and suppliers efficiently;


Business Experts Gulf expertise in providing most suitable solutions In order to survive in the modern business world. You need courage to act; you must know how to transform data into action. – Especially if you want to reach the top of the corporate food chain. That kind of courage comes from identifying challenges or opportunities, analyzing the situation, and monitoring how decisions are affecting both the present and the future.


BI or what we called Business Intelligence facilitates businesses to perform management by “Facts”. It helps in data-based decision making that would drive and improve the business and discover hidden trends. Business Experts Gulf helps you in your quest for business excellence with Business Intelligence-guided road map with our software solutions in Dubai, UAE.






Client Challenges:

In the current dynamic market conditions, in order to sustain and extend the business, client need to tackle the following challenges:


  • Implementation of solutions
  • Paucity of time to implement solutions
  • Analysis of a large volume of information for decision making
  • Need for greater precision in the prediction process


The absence of pervasive business intelligent systems leads to the following:

  • Drop in business performance
  • Enterprise risks
  • Customer, partner, vendor relationship deflection
  • Operational inefficiency

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